Career Coaching

We offer a complete range of career coaching services for individuals of all professional levels and experience, which include:

Coaching Sessions

Have you ever wondered where your life and career might be 5-10 years down the line? You need to be in control of your life and career at all times. The right tools, support and guidance system can help you lead a fulfilling life, full of meaningful relationships and a thriving career.

If you can relate to this, you should let our life coaches present you with the ultimate roadmap for your life and career. Our coaching specialist will improve your confidence as well as self-esteem, unlocking a level of life/career satisfaction you may not have imagined.

CV Writing

The right CV can really get hiring managers to take notice and also acts as a major confidence booster because:

  • You have a professional looking CV that accurately represents who you are, allowing prospective employers to shortlist you faster
  • One look at your CV and hiring managers would want to call you right away
  • Showcase your key strengths, achievements and milestones in a concise and factual manner to wow recruiters instantly

Imagine how amazing it would feel to choose that dream job you have always wanted.

Profiling Services

We deliver online assessments you can really trust and depend on. We help businesses identify the right people with the right capabilities and work ethic, to deliver the most optimal business results. Whether its management development, screening, selection, organisational development or team building you seek, CareersCome provides highly practical and intelligent assessment instruments for line managers and HR people.

LinkedIn Profile Review

Wouldn’t it be great to see recruiters approaching you first with life-changing career opportunities? The best LinkedIn profiles get noticed this way and you need to be on the same boat. An optimised LinkedIn profile can position you right up there among the top candidates in your industry.

There isn’t a single professional recruiter who has not used LinkedIn to find the right candidate. Unfortunately, even the most qualified candidates often fail to keep their LinkedIn profiles regularly updated or properly optimised in order to make it visible.

Our branding and career experts have written and reviewed well over 1000 LinkedIn profiles and will ensure the right employers find you.

Cover Letter

A superb cover letter is your chance to make a winning sales pitch during the application process. It’s what entices hiring managers to take a look at your CV. This is where you show them why they should give you a chance at the job interview, what your unique strengths and qualifications are, and the value you offer them.

We guarantee a quality Cover Letter that will help you outshine the competition. Save yourself time, make your application stand out and put your best foot forward by including a professionally written cover letter with your job application.

Thanks for Interview Letter

Ever wonder why a Thank You Letter is so important once you have been granted an interview?

First of all, it’s just plain good manners! Second, a Thank You Letter for Interview is an opportunity to put your name out front in the list of candidates, by leaving a really positive impression. Thank You Letters really speak for themselves as it highlights your exceptionally good business etiquettes.

Thank You notes can be career changing moves – our writers have helped many professionals craft just the right Thank You Letter to leave a lasting and memorable impression.

Interview Preparation

Moving forward,the job market is not going to get any less competitive – you need to do everything you possibly can to prepare for that interview you worked so hard to get.

Great interviews are all about the right blend of strategy, preparation, confidence, and most important of all, practice. Work with our interview coaches to develop a winning interview strategy and know all the right answers. Get a leg up on other candidates and know what it takes to leave the right impression on hiring managers.

Need Job Search Support or Help with Resignation Letter?

We also offer comprehensive help in helping you find the right job and will craft a professional-looking resignation letter as you transition between jobs.